Starling is a GPU powered 2d game engine, written in ActionScript 3.0, built on top of Flash’s Stage3D technology. 

Performance is always an issue with flash games, when it comes to mobile games. Since all the graphics are rendered in vector, rendering and processing everything was done with CPU. It was very difficult to achieve 30 FPS on mobile.

But with the introduction on Stage3D in flash player 11, flash applications could leverage the power of GPU. So the rendering can be pushed to GPU, leaving CPU for calculations. This increased the performance of Flash AIR mobile games by several folds. Soon there are mobile games that runs smoothly at 60FPS built with lash. But writing apps in Stage3D is not an easy task. You should mess with vertices, context3d programs, buffers and many other stuffs. 

Luckily the good guys at Gamua, made it easy by creating a library "Starling" which is built on top of Stage3D and mimics traditional AS3 type of architecture. 



  • Free and open source.
  • Platform independent.
  • Amazing performance and familiar AS3 API
  • Excellent community support.

Feathers is an UI component library built for feathers. With this we can integrate various mobile friendly UI components easily for our mobile apps or games.




Believe Creative has built a few apps using starling one of which is Squibbitt and is published on the iOS App Store -


Screenshots of the work done so far

HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Background
HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Game plan
HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Letters