Phaser is a desktop and mobile HTML5 game framework.

It is a complete game engine with all the necessary features for a game like built-in physics engines, collision handling, sprites, states etc.

It has the following features:

  • WebGL & Canvas. Targets WebGL and fallbacks Canvas if not available.
  • Preloader. Built in preloading.
  • In built physics support (Arcade, P2 Physics, Box2D Physics for various levels of physics requirement in the game).
  • Sprites. To support animations using spritesheets.
  • Groups. We can combine several entities into a group to move them and add them common properties like colliders. For example a bullet group can collide with enemy group but not hero group.
  • Animation. We can perform tweens for various sprites.
  • Particles. In built particle system for special effects in game.
  • Camera. In built camera system. Very useful in side scrolling type games(platform games).
  • Input. In built support for inputs(Touch, Mouse, Keyboard). Sound. In built support for audio.
  • Tilemaps. In built support for tile maps. Useful for platform games.
  • Device Scaling. To scale the game for different devices based on the screen resolution.

Phaser is very much compatible with Ludei. With little or no modifcations we can export the games created with phaser into mobile apps using Ludei.


Believe Creative has good experience developing games using Phaser, one of which is  Wonderwords, which is under production and a few more games which we can showcase on request.

Screenshots of the work done so far

HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Background
HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Game plan
HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Letters
HTML5 - Phaser: Wonderwords - Menu